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praise is what i do

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Meet lora

From a sweet, southern-cookin' mother and a handsome, stern father who had a love for cameras, Lora Jones, is the product of a hardworking family from  Alabama.

In 2004, Lora began making funeral programs for the passing members of her church. Funeral Programs turned into graduation invitations and graduation invitations turned into senior photos. 16 years later, she is the proud owner of PRAISE PRINTING & PHOTOGRAPHY located in the heart of El Dorado, Arkansas. 

While some may know her as "the T-shirt lady, others know her as a loving mother and devoted church member from DOUGLAS CHAPEL BAPTIST CHURCH.  Lora turned a hobby into her passion and her passion into her purpose. If you were to ask her what the core of her business was, she would simply say "PRAISE. Cause Praise is what I do."

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